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Transfer VHS video tapes and camcorder tapes to
DVD /  USB Flash Drive  /  Memory Stick  /  Hard Drive  /  Online Upload

Video tapes have a very limited life span, priceless sounds and images are in danger of being lost. Transfer your camcorder tapes and video tapes to DVD or as a digital video file before they are gone forever.
With prices starting from €15 per tape*, there has never been a better time to start transferring your vhs video tapes & camcorder tapes to DVD or digital video file so you can preserve your precious video memories such as weddings, birthday parties, family occasions and all your home videos from over the years. All DVD transfers include personalised discs and cases.

Accepted Video Formats

  • VHS-C
  • Video 8
  • Hi 8
  • Digital 8
  • Mini DV

Transfer Options:

  • DVD
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Memory Card
  • Hard Drive
  • Online Upload

*Up to 90 minutes of video footage. €5 applies to every additional 30 minutes of video footage. Price includes personalised disc & case.

How do videotapes deteriorate?

A video tape wears out a little every time it is played. Video tapes lose their magnetic signal over time,the friction between the tape head and tape causes the quality and colour of your video to deteriorate and as the tape becomes more fragile it eventually breaks. video tapes can even deteriorate when not in use. An analog process was used to create older camcorder tape & VHS tape recordings. The images were coded into a magnetic tape. As time passes, this code can fade because of different factors and the images will start to turn out to be grainy and deteriorate. Videos recorded onto DVD last much longer since the digital codes saved onto the DVDs are higher compared to analog tapes.

Facts about videotapes

  • Each time you watch a video tape it further deteriorates its video quality.
  • Video quality will deteriorate, even if you do not watch your tapes.
  • Your VCR or camcorder can damage or even destroy your tape if it malfunctions.
  • Analog video tape, such as VHS tapes, will not last as long as digital tape.
  • Digital tape is better, but it has an expected useful life of only 20 years if stored under ideal conditions.

Facts about DVDs

  • Video & Audio quality is far superior to tape.
  • Video quality will not deteriorate, no matter how many times a DVD is watched.
  • DVD's will maintain video quality for 100+ years.
  • DVD’s are sealed and have no moving parts (unlike tapes).
  • DVD’s are easier to handle, use, and store.
  • Can be played on home computers with DVD drives and on most DVD players.
  • Allows quick access to specific scenes. so instead of fast forwarding to a specific spot in your video, a DVD lets you skip right to a specific point, bypassing all of the video in between.

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